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Introduction FIPEd invites interested experts and those with a professional interest in workforce development to come along and contribute to an interactive forum to discuss and debate topics connected with this area. The FIP Workforce Development Hub (WDH) values input and advice from participants and invites them to participate in the forums, which are themed according to the Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goal (PWDG) clusters. Participants will be able to understand the work the WDH undertakes and identify ways to contribute to this global initiative.

Academy Forum

Chair: Claire Anderson (University of Nottingham, UK)

This forum will be an opportunity to discuss ways to measure, assess and progress the PWDGs within the academy cluster, which focuses on schools, universities and education providers: PWDG 1: Academic capacity PWDG 2: Foundation training and early career development PWDG 3: Quality assurance  

Professional Development Forum

Chair: Kirstie Galbraith (Monash University, Australia)

This forum will be an opportunity to discuss ways to measure, assess and progress the PWDGs within the professional development cluster, which focuses on the pharmaceutical workforce: PWDG 4: Advanced and specialist expert development, PWDG 5: Competency development, PWDG 6: Leadership development, PWDG 7: Service provision and workforce education & training, PWDG 8: Working with others in the team.   

Systems Forum

Chair: Ian Bates (UCL School of Pharmacy, UK)

This forum will be an opportunity to discuss ways to measure, assess and progress the PWDGs within the systems cluster, which focuses on policy development, governmental strategy and planning, and monitoring and evaluation: PWDG 9: Continuing professional development strategies, PWDG 10: Pharmaceutical workforce gender and diversity balances, PWDG 11: Workforce impact and effect on health improvement, PWDG 12: Workforce intelligence, PWDG 13: Workforce policy formation  

IT Platforms Forum

Chair: Ian Larson (Monash University, Australia)

The use of technology and e-learning has increased dramatically in healthcare education and practice. The purpose of this forum is to explore some of the key issues, challenges and benefits of using technology in the classroom and the effects of digital innovation through roundtable discussions.  

Interprofessional Education (IPE) Forum

Chair: Jill Boone (University of Cincinnati, USA)

The intent of this forum is for open, informal exchange regarding IPE and an opportunity for networking with other colleagues who have interest and/or experience in this area. Topics to be discussed include: updates regarding FIP IPE activities, participants’ experiences with IPE advancement, IPE research activities, and recommendation for future directions of IPE in FIP. The forum will focus on: PWDG8 – Working with others in the team.


Tuesday 24 September, 17:15-17:45

To advance the pharmaceutical sciences, the FIP special interest groups (SIGs), led by the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS), develop initiatives to help FIP and its member organisations achieve this goal.

All individual FIP members can choose to be a member of a SIG, through which they can interact with peers and colleagues with similar interests from all over the world.

Major platforms for these interactions include the annual FIP World Congress and the Pharmaceutical Science World Congresses (PSWC) which take place every three years. (The next PSWC will be held in Montreal, Canada, 22-27 May 2020.)

The BPS is currently working on implementing a revised SIG structure, aiming to have this in place after Abu Dhabi. At this meeting you will receive an update on the new SIGs.


Thursday 26 September 12:30 – 14:00
Chair: Agathe Wehrli (Pharmabridge, Switzerland)
Duration: 1,5h
Organised by Pharmabridge

Pharmabridge aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services in developing and transitional countries through coordinated support from the pharmacy establishment and individual pharmacists in developed countries. This is done by linking people for book donations, visits of pharmacists from developing countries for practice exposure in countries with more advanced pharmacy education and practices, and the organisation of lectures and workshops in developing countries. The project is supported by FIP, its Board of Pharmaceutical Practice and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association. This session will include an update on Pharmabridge, reports and results of Pharmabridge practice exposures, and discussion. All those interested in the project, from developing or developed countries, or wanting to establish contacts with colleagues from other countries (or even a specific country) are invited to attend this meeting. People with books, DVDs, etc., to offer are encouraged to bring them to the meeting and give them to colleagues from less affluent countries.