Four main subtopics

The subtopics reflect the overarching theme of the congress and look at trends, roles, responses and targets.

Topic A: New trends in science, practice and education

This topic focuses on technology, digitalisation, robotics, individualisation, virtual classroom, communication, people-centred care and ethical challenges.

Topic B: New roles, opportunities, and responsibilities

This topic looks at pharmacists’ roles, roles of individuals, new services, collaboration and education.

Topic C: Health now!

Responding to the challenges of today This topic recognises that challenges can be faced by looking at new research, ethical considerations, new values, access to health, health systems, sustainability, environmental sustainability, non-communicable diseases, empowerment of patients, empowerment of women, quality and assessment.

Topic D: Targeting special interest

This topic will target special interests in the different fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.


New horizons for pharmacy The 2019 FIP congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), invites pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical scientists from around the world to consider how new technologies are changing the way they work.

New trends in science, practice and education are creating new horizons for the pharmacy profession. Innovations in technology, such as robotics and digitalisation are changing the role of health care professionals, scientists and educators. New skills, competencies, knowledge and attitudes need to be developed by pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world to adapt to these new roles. In the process, we also need to embrace new opportunities and the challenges associated with change. Change is dynamic and so we need to maintain momentum and dedicate our resources to assure health care delivery to our customers, clients and patients. People need to be empowered and included in the process of care, which should be both evidencebased and innovative in approach.

Navigating winds of change is always challenging. Quality and safety must not be compromised as we experiment with new opportunities. Open and honest communication is needed not only within and between the health care professions but also with supporting roles such as research science, IT, regulatory science and education. Only by connecting with each other can we maintain professionalism and public trust.

The FIP World Congress in Abu Dhabi in 2019 will offer a collaboration platform for scientists, researchers, practitioners, educators and students of pharmacy to be inspired and prepared for new achievements in a world of change. Plenary sessions, panel discussions, interactive workshops and networking will provide an up-to-date overview of new concepts and tools to advance the field of pharmacy. Be a part of this festival of discovery and inspiration – the future of the profession is bright!